Whether you own a local ice cream shop or a mechanic shop in Allenhurst, you know the appearance of your commercial property matters. It can welcome customers to your business, help them feel comfortable, and let them know your business is trustworthy and committed to excellence. Who knew a few well-pruned bushes could say so much?

Here at Down To Earth Landscaping, Inc., we’re well aware of the difference a mowed lawn, strategically placed plants, and lush vegetation can make. Our landscaping company has been serving New Jersey residents since 1986, and we’re not stopping anytime soon. If your commercial property in Allenhurst is ready for a reboot, we’re the landscaping company for you. Read our blog to learn three different ways you can wake up your property, and then contact us today to get started.

Grounds Maintenance

There are two different ways we primarily see this work out:

  • You do the grounds maintenance yourself, which takes up your valuable time that could be spent with family and friends or furthering your business, OR
  • You don’t invest in grounds maintenance and the outside of your Allenhurst commercial property is a deterrent to customers.

At Down To Earth Landscaping, Inc., we don’t like either of these options. When you hire our landscaping company, we can handle the grounds maintenance — gardening and landscaping, aeration, fertilization, mowing service, pruning, and more — and you can handle your business. You’ll get your time back while attracting more customers at the same time.

Irrigation Services

What’s worse than a poorly maintained lawn, overgrown with plants, bushes, and more? A beautiful lawn that isn’t getting the water it needs and is slowly dying at your hands. An irrigation system is one of the very best ways to overcome this. Hire Down To Earth Landscaping, Inc. as your landscaping company, though, and you’ll enjoy lush, refreshed grounds all around your business. We can both design and install your irrigation system, and we can ensure you meet your property’s water requirements.


Landscape Design

Finally — the fun stuff. Our landscaping company obviously enjoys all facets of landscaping services, but there’s something special about design. Even better, this is one of the largest ways you can personally see your business in Allenhurst improve! Water feature? Done. Outdoor kitchen for employees? Done. Basic landscape design with indigenous flowers, plants, and more? Consider it done. Professional landscaping is a foolproof way to beautify your property and show customers your commitment to excellence. We can help with drainage, erosion control, perimeter and street planting, and parks, ball fields, or other amenities — if you can dream it, our landscaping services can most likely do it!

Ready to breathe new life into your Allenhurst property? Our landscaping company is the answer. Hire us for a commercial lawn mower, monthly grounds maintenance, irrigation system installation, landscape design, and much more. Contact Down To Earth Landscaping, Inc. to get started with commercial landscaping for your Allenhurst business.