The front yard became the envy of the neighborhood

Two years ago we casually looked for a new home not expecting to make a purchase. We stumbled on the Metedeconk development in Jackson and fell in love with a certain model of home. The manager of the development decided to throw in a front yard as an incentive to buy.

Rusty and his crew met with us to discuss the layout of our new front yard. Rusty was very knowledgeable and made some great suggestions. We followed his advice and the front yard of the house became the envy of the neighborhood.

Half a year later we contracted Down to Earth to build our backyard requesting Rusty and his team. Our backyard is absolutely unbelievable. Down to Earth met our deadlines and surpassed our expectations by about 2 miles.

Jeana and I will gladly recommend Down to Earth landscaping to anyone that wants an excpetional yard.